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Italian Charms - Traditional Charms - Charm Bracelets - Necklaces

We offer a wide selection of Italian charms, Italian charm bracelets, traditional charms, charm bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and wine glass charms.  We also have a variety of beaded bracelets, magnetic bracelets, medical bracelets, and scarves.




We offer an assortment of fun necklaces including heart necklaces in several colors, fused glass necklaces, a starfish necklace, mystic topaz necklace, crystal necklaces, and beautiful natural stone pendant necklaces.

We have a large variety of Italian charms to choose from including Italian charms with hearts, birthstone Italian charms, Disney Italian charms, medical Italian charms, Italian charms with words, cat Italian charms, patriotic Italian charms, zodiac Italian charms, and much more.  Our Italian charm and Italian charm bracelets are interchangeable with other brands of standard sized Italian charm jewelry.  We also have available Italian charms bracelets, Italian charm watches, and Italian charm key rings to add your Italian charms to.
Our wine glass charms are great to add to your stemmed glasses so that your guests will always know which glass is yours.  We have a large variety of fun glass markers including ones that we  will personalized with names or words.
Northwest Charms has a lot of great gift items.  We also offer gift certificates, gift bags, and gift boxes.  



Flip Flops Charm


Blue Heart Charm


Boot Charm

Mystic Topaz Necklace
Pink Heart Necklace
Crystal Necklace

Personalized Wine Glass Charms
High Heel Wine Glass Charm